Andrea Onkes, Melanie Bänsch, Margit Bichelmeier and Mila the dog accompany the activities of the Nabu children’s group. Photo: Stephan Querfurth.

“Together, with the power of the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION and the know-how of the Loki Schmidt Foundation, we want to be an attractive partner for all those committed, associations, citizens and institutions in the field of environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainability in the Wolfenbüttel district. ”

Under this premise, described by entrepreneur and CEO of the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION, Florian Rehm, the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION and the Loki Schmidt Foundation have now joined forces this year to support important nature conservation projects in the Wolfenbüttel district even more effectively in the future. The new funding cooperation is entitled “Loki Schmidt meets Curt Mast – Foundations for nature conservation in the district of Wolfenbüttel” and will in future also enable longer-term funding for projects lasting up to three years. The CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION provides a six-figure grant every year for this purpose.

“The collaboration between the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION and the Loki Schmidt Foundation is unparalleled: a family foundation that spans generations and a nature conservation foundation work together: the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION, firmly anchored in its region, provides the necessary funds that Loki Schmidt Foundation contributes its experience and expertise and advises applicants on the development of meaningful nature conservation and environmental education projects. We decide together and do so much good for nature and the environment. We are very happy about this nice cooperation and recommend it to other regions to imitate”, says Axel Jahn, Managing Director of the Loki Schmidt Foundation.

The contact person for interested parties is Dr. Maike Hinze. She advises applicants from the development of a project outline to the application and over the entire term in all matters. “Initiatives in the district of Wolfenbüttel are cordially invited to contact us for funding for their idea in the field of nature conservation and environmental education,” says Hinze, who expressly points out that suggestions are also welcome that are still at the beginning of the project planning.

Ms. Hinze can be reached at the email address for further information on funding and the application process.
In addition, annual networking meetings are planned, the so-called “Green Table”, which gives the actors in the region the opportunity to exchange experiences and jointly develop visions for the region.

Both foundations are pleased that the first approved environmental education project “NAJU Group Wolfenbüttel – Children discover nature” can now get under way. With the help of the funding, weekly group meetings for children and young people, monthly family campaigns, holiday campaign days and joint seasonal festivals can be made possible. The group meets every Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the NABU allotment garden in the Rote Schanze e.V. allotment garden, Leipziger Straße 9, 38300 Wolfenbüttel, parcel no. 83. We ask that you register at .

The CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION promotes charitable projects in the areas of culture, social affairs, sport and the environment in the district of Wolfenbüttel and has thus already launched over 500 different initiatives since the foundation was founded in 2003.

The Loki Schmidt Foundation has been buying, designing and maintaining land for nature conservation for 40 years so that plants and animals that have become rare can survive there. Many practical projects to protect nature in Hamburg and throughout Germany have made the foundation well known. With its environmental education, the foundation helps as many people as possible, especially children and young people, to get to know and experience nature.

For questions about the cooperation:
Manja Puschnerus, Curt Mast Jägermeister Foundation, Jägermeisterstrasse 7 – 15, 38302 Wolfenbüttel, Tel. 05331/885353

For questions about project funding:
Maike Hinze, Loki Schmidt Foundation, Steintorweg 8, 20099 Hamburg, Tel. 0176/97871693