Mobile Library

Education is arguably the best development aid, both for individuals and entire states and societies. It feeds minds and markets, is crucial to peace and prosperity, and brings the world closer together. Sadly, education is like other valuable goods: While some have access to it, far too many do not, whether for political, economic or infrastructural reasons.

Though education and its challenges are complex, some solutions are surprisingly simple. One example: the “Mobile Library” in South Africa. Much more than a book collection housed in a colourful truck, the Mobile Library creates educational opportunities in underserved areas, like the remote wine regions of South Africa. It even supplements the local schools’ activities: Besides numerous books, the truck is equipped with 20 computers with internet connection, giving teachers state-of-the-art equipment to respond much more individually to their students’ needs. So far, the mobile classroom serves mostly children and young people, but also an increasing number of adults. They can borrow books or take advantage of math or language software on the laptops.

The Mobile Library delivers education and future perspectives precisely where they are needed most.

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“Happiness, success, health – so much of what makes life worth living is unequally distributed. Talking to each other, understanding each other and promoting education is what makes the world a better place – step by step, one human at a time. That’s what drives me.”

Christina Flügel, member of the Mast family