Dr. Günther Findel-Stiftung

Dr. Günther Findel, a physician and businessman from Wolfenbüttel, established a foundation bearing his name for the promotion of science in 1986. While Dr. Findel was married to Curt Mast’s daughter Annemarie, his heart also beat for science. Even before establishing his foundation, he maintained close ties with the Herzog August Library for decades and was a founding member of its private funding circle.

The Dr. Günther Findel Foundation enables young academics to work for a number of months at the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel. During their scholarship, the promising scholars centre their research on the tradition-steeped library, thus helping to preserve the scholarly heritage of the city of Wolfenbüttel and the library, and fill it with new life.

Since taking up its work, the foundation has sponsored several hundred scholarships recipients from Germany and abroad, who are still affectionately known as the “Findel kids”.

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