Loki Schmidt Foundation | Foundations for Nature Conservation in the Wolfenbüttel Region

“Together, with the power of the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION and the know-how of the Loki Schmidt Foundation, we want to be an attractive partner for all those committed, associations, citizens and institutions in the field of environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainability in the Wolfenbüttel region. ”

Under this premise, described by entrepreneur and CEO of the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION, Florian Rehm, the CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION and the Loki Schmidt Foundation have joined forces to support important nature conservation projects in the Wolfenbüttel district even more effectively in the future. The funding cooperation is entitled “Loki Schmidt meets Curt Mast – Foundations for nature conservation in the region of Wolfenbüttel” and is also intended to enable longer-term funding for projects lasting up to three years. The CURT MAST Jägermeister FOUNDATION provides a six-figure grant every year for this purpose.

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