Greenpeace is an international environmental organisation with the mission of protecting nature and drawing attention to ecological abuses worldwide.

Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by peace activists in Canada.

The Mast family of entrepreneurs supports various international environmental organisations to pass on a livable and diverse natural environment to future generations around the globe. Amongst the many projects supported is the Greenpeace “Protect the Oceans” campaign.

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“For me, it’s vital to leave my children a world that is healthy and teeming with biodiversity. Out of this conviction, I support the work of various international environmental organisations – including Greenpeace. Their ocean advocacy helps safeguard protected marine areas. We need it because preserving oceanic biodiversity is essential.”

Florian Rehm, spokesman for the Mast entrepreneurial family

“At a time when our planet needs more support than ever before, Greenpeace is advocating to protect nature with a strong, unwavering voice. The Klaus Friedrich Foundation and Florian Rehm stand with Greenpeace through their extraordinary private commitment to our work protecting the oceans.

We are infinitely grateful for their support.”

Uli Busch, Greenpeace